European Retriever Championship 2023
Konopiště, Tjeckien 8 - 9 februari 2024

SSRK har tagit ut följande ekipage att representera Sverige vid European Retriever Championship:
Carmal's Rosee förd av Mirjam Axner
SE J(J)CH Carmal's Rain förd av Peter Hilding
Reserv:  Carmal's Olympic Triumph förd av Anders Carlsson

Vi önskar stort lycka till och och både hoppas och tror på svenska framgångar!

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Det här gäller
The minimum requirement for a dog representing each country is a FCI-CACIT or a Res-FCICACIT, a CACT or res-CACT or at least an "excellent" in an open field trial.

Each country delegates its best and most consistent dog(s). The selection will be based on results obtained on international field trials or open national field trials held in accordance with the FCI regulations or the Kennel Club regulations.

The five (5) best results of each dog over the past two (2) full shooting seasons are taken into account. If there are field trials before the deadline of entries for the European Championship, these results can also be taken into account.

National field trials

  • A first place (with “Excellent” if applicable) and ticket towards a national title equals 11 points.
  • A second place (with “Excellent” if applicable) equals 9 points
  • A third place (with “Excellent” if applicable) equals 8 points
  • A fourth place (with “Excellent” if applicable) equals 7 points
  • An “Excellent” without a ranking if applicable equals 6 points
  • A Diploma or Certificate of Merit or comparable or a “Very Good” equals 4 points
  • A qualification “Good” equals 2 points

International field trials (FCI-CACIT)

  • FCI-CACIT equals 12 points
  • Res-FCI-CACIT equals 10 points
  • “3rd Excellent” equals 8 points
  • “4th Excellent” equals 7 points
  • “Excellent” equals 6 points
  • “Very Good” equals 4 points
  • “Good” equals 2 points
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